about us

Boyd’s One Stop provides you with a true one stop solution for all of your fishing and seafood needs. Known as the “Live Shrimp Capital of Texas”,  Jason Cogburn provides expertise in the daily purchase and marketing of fine bait, fresh seafood, and other products you will be looking for.

For years, Boyd’s has provided this coastal area with the best products on the market along with some new products that will supercharge your shrimp and keep bait alive longer then any competitor can offer.

With a fully supplied storefront, you will always find what you need within reach. Come down today and visit the “Live Shrimp Capital of Texas”  for yourself and see what everyone is raving about. You can bet on our bait to the best and our seafood to be the finest.

Fresh seafood is always available. You will find quality seafood ready for you to take home and create a mouth watering meal. Purchasing great seafood is what we do and why we are your first choice.

Boyd's One Stop is your one stop for all of your seafood needs. Come down and get some of the freshest seafood available for your next meal. Taste the difference in choice quality seafood today.